2011 Goal


We did it once again! Thanks to the generosity of those contributors to ATP, we not only met the financial goals for the 2010 budget - we exceeded it by 3%! We've rolled that 3% over to the 2011 budget drive. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen and let's see what we can get accomplished for the 2010 budget!

ATP's budget begins on October 1. The indicators are displayed on ATP and our Turtle Forum to show how close we are to meeting our goals. Our objective is to have 100% of our requirements met prior to the beginning of the following year. All monies received from the donations are applied directly to the costs. There are no other fees involved or costs which the donations are spent on. In the event that we do receive 100% for the year before that year begins, the counter will be reset to 0% and will be changed to reflect the following year.


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Contributions are what keeps Austin's Turtle Page on the net with the latest in information and the most experienced, knowledgeable and friendliest online community (www.TurtleForum.com). We can't do it without your help. While ATP and its community will continue to provide the latest information in turtle care and will never require money to gain access to this information, we do ask that if ATP's information and community has helped you and your turtle(s), that you give back if at all possible to ensure the survival of this online resource to turtles and their keepers throughout the world.

How can I contribute and assist in ensuring the continued success of ATP and it's community? There are a few ways that we accept your generous contributions.


As a member of ATP's TurtleForum.com, those who wish to give annually may enjoy the benefits and community of the Premier Membership Plan. As a Premier Member, you are entitled to various advantages within the community itself. There are 8 additional forums for your viewing and posting pleasures, a growing number of discounts for turtles and their food and supplies, discounts on ATP shirts and other items boasting the ATP logo allowing you to proudly show your support while out in public, at herpetological meetings, at pet stores or at reptile expos. Additional on-forum perks are the increased number of storage private messages and allowances for advertisements and larger signatures. We also offer limited computer support - after all, you can't be active on the forum if your computer isn't working! One of the most commonly use benefits of being a Premier Member is photo uploads. As a Premier Member, you can upload pictures directly to your post without the need of hosting outside of the forum.

For becoming a Premier Member, please contact Tom C via email or through Private Messenger on the forum.



Already a Premier Member and wanting to give a bit more? That's fantastic! We now have a way for you to do just that. By donating $50 or more, you will receive a designator under your avatar showing "Ultra" to let other know of your outstanding support of this community. Every year on the anniversary of your donation, if you once again contribute, you'll receive an indicator showing that you are an Ultra supporter for however many years you've been helping to make this website possible. Your name will also appear on the ATP Supporters page, also indicating how many years you've been making things possible.

To donate using PayPal, just click the donate button below. For other donation options, please contact Tom C via email or through Private Messenger on the forum




Not sure you'd use any of the discounts or maybe you aren't an online community type or person but would still like to contribute? Not a problem. We accept donations via PayPal, personal check or money order. We'd prefer not to take cash unless it's in person due to the rate at which cash likes to disappear from the mail system while enroute. Those who donate will also have their names appearing on the ATP Supporters page. If you'd rather be one of the low key supporters and not have your name shown online, you can either choose a secret identity or ask that your name not be listed in any form. If that's the case, the please let us know because your contributions to us are important and we want to brag on just how awesome you are! So if you donate and don't want your name shown, just let us know.

To donate using PayPal, just click the donate button below. For other donation options, please contact Tom C via email.