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Common Name   Scientific Name Care Photo
Common Snapping Turtle   Chelydra serpentina serpentina

Northern Pacific Pond Turtle   Emys marmorata marmorata

Western Painted Turtle   Chrysemys picta bellii


CLINIC'S NAME:  Bird & Exotic Clinic of Seattle

VET'S NAME:  Tracy Bennett, DVM

ADDRESS 1546 NW Market St., Seattle

PHONE NUMBER:  (206) 783-4538

CLINIC'S NAME:  The Exotic Pet & Bird Clinic

ADDRESS903 Fifth Ave., Ste. 101, Kirkland

PHONE NUMBER:  (206) 827-6613

VET'S NAME:  Rick Mitchell, DVM

ADDRESS4011 Ocean Beach Hwy., Longview

PHONE NUMBER:  (206) 425-0850

VET'S NAME:  Skip Nelson, DVM

ADDRESS903 5th Ave., Kirkland

PHONE NUMBER:  (206) 827-6613

VET'S NAME:  Liane Sperlich, DVM

ADDRESS11002-B Pacific Ave., Tacoma

PHONE NUMBER:  (206) 536-1505