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Common Name   Scientific Name
Bog Turtle   Glyptemys muhlenbergii
Common Map Turtle   Graptemys geographica
Common Musk Turtle(Stinkpot)   Sternotherus odoratus
Common Snapping Turtle   Chelydra serpentina serpentina
Eastern Box Turtle   Terrapene carolina carolina
Eastern Mud Turtle   Kinosternon subrubrum subrubrum
Eastern Painted Turtle   Chrysemys picta picta
Eastern Spiny Softshell   Apalone spinifera spinifera
Midland Painted Turtle   Chrysemys picta marginata
Northern Diamondback Terrapin   Malaclemys terrapin terrapin
Northern Redbelly Turtle   Pseudemys rubriventris
Red-eared Slider   Trachemys scripta elegans
Spotted Turtle   Clemmys guttata
Wood Turtle   Glyptemys insculpta

CLINIC'S NAME:  Community Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Deborah Adelsohn, DVM

ADDRESS921 Rte. 53, Morris Plains

PHONE NUMBER(201) 267-4220

CLINIC'S NAME:  Animal Clinic of Morris Plains

ADDRESS Rte. 10 East, Morris Plains

PHONE NUMBER(201) 366-3223

CLINIC'S NAME:  Oradell Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Frank Curt Boren, DVM

ADDRESS481 Kinderkamack Rd., Oradell

PHONE NUMBER(201) 262-0010

CLINIC'S NAME:  Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Warren E. Briggs, DVM

ADDRESSP.A., 838 River Ave., Lakewood

PHONE NUMBER(732) 363-7202


CLINIC'S NAME:  North Bergen Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Gerald Buchoff, DVM

ADDRESS9018 Kennedy Blvd., North Bergen

PHONE NUMBER(201) 868-3753

CLINIC'S NAME:  Veterinary Health Care Center of Clifton, Inc.

VET'S NAME:  John Cataldi, DVM

ADDRESS10 Samuel Ave., Clifton

PHONE NUMBER(201) 472-8883

CLINIC'S NAME:  Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Michael Doolen, DVM

ADDRESS225 Monmouth Rd., Oakhurst

PHONE NUMBER(732) 531-1212

CLINIC'S NAME:  Englewood Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Robert Groskin, DVM

ADDRESS43 N. Dean St., Englewood

PHONE NUMBER(201) 568-1751

CLINIC'S NAME:  Shore Vets.

VET'S NAME:  N. Holland & R. Blose, DVMs

ADDRESS1750 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township

PHONE NUMBER (609) 272-8777

CLINIC'S NAME:  Blairstown Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Kenneth Leal, DVM

ADDRESS29 Cedar Lake Rd., Blairstown

PHONE NUMBER(908) 362-6430

CLINIC'S NAME:  Plainfield Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  A. Majer, T. Kecha, & M. Madzy, DVMs

ADDRESS2201 Park Ave., S. Plainfield

PHONE NUMBER(908) 755-2428

CLINIC'S NAME:  West Caldwell Animal Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Danci N. Mock, VMD

ADDRESS706 Bloomfield Ave., W. Caldwell

PHONE NUMBER(201) 226-3727

VET'S NAME:  Mark Newkirk, VMD

ADDRESS9200 Ventnor Ave., Margate

PHONE NUMBER (609) 823-3031

CLINIC'S NAME:  Iselin Veterinary Hospital

VET'S NAME:  Ira Niedweske, DVM

ADDRESS1375 Oak Tree Rd., Iselin

PHONE NUMBER (908) 283-2110

VET'S NAME:  Michael Pagliaro, DVM

ADDRESS320 East Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood

PHONE NUMBER(201) 447-6000

VET'S NAME: Gregg Richardson, DVM

ADDRESS207 Page Dr., Brick

PHONE NUMBER(908) 840-0643

VET'S NAME:  Paul L. Sedlacek, DVM

ADDRESS3009 Rte. 10, Morris Plains

PHONE NUMBER(201) 539-2775