Threatened Species
  • Alligator Snapper (Macrochelys temminckii)
  • Midland Smooth Softshell (Apalone mutica mutica)
  • Southern Painted (Chrysemys picta dorsalis)

Statutes (regarding endangered or threatened species)

150.180 - No person shall buy or sell, or attempt to buy or sell, of have in their possession for selling
150.183 - May not import, transport, possess for resale or sell any endangered species
150.275 - Commissioner may issue permit to take and transport for commercial nuisance control, scientific, or educational purposes
150.280 - May not propagate or hold protected wildlife without a permit

Kansas Agency Regulations

301 KAR 2:081 - Transportation and holding of native wildlife
Section 2 - No person shall import or possess an alligator snapper or any federally threatened or endangered species
Section 4 -Shall not hold native wildlife in captivity that was not legally taken or possessed.

  • Commercial captive wildlife permit required for persons wishing to sell, trade or barter
  • Non-commercial captive wildlife permit required for persons wishing to possess, but not sell
  • Captive wildlife permits not required for persons taking or possessing up to 5 individuals of each
    species *Exception* - No limit on snappers, smooth softshells and spiny softshells

301 KAR 1:058 - Methods for Taking Turtles
Section 1 - Applies to snappers (Chelydra serpentina), smooth softshells (Apalone mutica) and spiny softshells (Apalone spinifera)
Section 2 - Season open all year round

  • Taken day or night, all streams and lakes (except for 7 specific areas)
  • Person who takes shall have valid hunting or sport fishing license
  • Traps must be constructed so that another animal cannot reasonably be caught
  • Traps must be inspected daily, turtles removed, and other animals released
  • Person selling needs a commercial fishing license