Hi!  Iím Kurtle the Turtle and this is a day in my life. Join me as I frolic in my aquatic wonderland.


 6:00 A.M.

           Click!  Ahh, my UVB light and my T-Rex Active UVB basking lamp kick on.  Nothing like fake sun to make a turtle feel right at home.  Time to streeetch my turtle head and turtleneck (hehe, get itÖturtleneck!  I crack myself up at times!!  J).  Stretch out the front legs.  Stretch out the back ones.  Ahh---that feels good.  Gets the blood flowing again.  Now, I think itís time for a swim.  Ahh, just the perfect temperature - about 74į.  What a good way to start off the day.


 8:00 A.M.

           Oh look!  Here comes one of those 4-legged creatures that lives on the land.  It has these long things that point downward, hanging off the side of its head.  And, geez Louise, does it ever have a long nose.  It has no shell, just a bunch of stuff covering its body.  Bet it canít swim like I can.  Wonder what that strange creature is.

           And right behind it comes the 2-legged creature of my outside land.  This one always has the same face, but its covering is different everyday.  Wonder how they identify each other when they keep changing like that.  Hmm, guess there are some things in this world that Iíll never know.

 Maybe if I swim as close to them as I can get, theyíll feed me.  Worth a shot.  Itís not like I have much else to do today.  Here goes nothing.  Zing across the tank I go.  Well, here I am, pawing at the edge.  Why donít they look at me?  I see them, and I know they can see me.  Look at me!!  Ugh! There they go, and here I go to start off my day with no food.  Iíll try again later.  Maybe theyíll feel bad and feed me some banana.  Yum!


11:00 A.M.

 Feels like a good time for a nap.  The world outside my aquatic wonderland sure is quite.  Maybe I can nap in peace.  Up and out of the water.  Ahh, a nice warm basking spot.  The perfect place for an early morning nap.  Back legs out, front legs out.  Time to settle the shell.  There.! All comfy.  Scan the area to make sure itís all safe.  Allís clear.  Eyes closed.  Catch ya in a few.


1:30 P.M.

 Big turtle yawn.  Stretch the legs.  Canít forget to stretch the turtleneck.  J  Scan the area, make sure itís safe to dive into the water.  All clear.  Zoom into the water I go.  Bump into the end of my aquatic wonderland I go, too.  I hate it when I do that. It makes me look stupid.  Glad there werenít any other turtles around to see it.

 Guess Iíll nose around the bottom of my tank a bit and see whatís there.  I love the sound the rocks make when they hit the edge of my aquatic wonderland.  Clink!  Keeps a young turtle entertained for hours! 

 Man, ever since theyíve started feeding me in that big white thing, I canít find any left over food in here.  But, my water is a whole lot more turtle friendly.  Whatís a turtle to do?


5:00 P.M.

 Oh, the 2 and 4-legged creatures are in front of my tank again.  Nose pressed to the glass, front legs pawing at the glassÖmaybe theyíll notice me.  I want food!!  The 2-legged creature always puts that peach-colored, stick-looking thing up to the edge of my aquatic wonderland.  I chase it, but I can never seem to catch it!  Just once, Iíd like to see what it tastes like!

 Yippee! The top of my aquatic wonderland is opening up.  Feeding time?  Oh, I hope it is.  A little turtle sure can work up an appetite swimming and basking under the UVB all day long.  AHHH!  Iím being captured!  Someone HELP!!  The water is getting farther and farther away.

 Plop!  Back in the big white thing.  Sniff, sniff.  Is that a Reptomin-Mazuri mix I smell?  Oh, and red-leaf lettuce, and strawberries.  A young turtles dream diet.  Life couldnít get any better.  This is the life.  Chomp, chomp, chomp.  Better eat up while I can.  I only get this a few times a week.  Can get fat ya know, then I canít catch any fish and I wouldnít be able to haul my big Kurtle the Turtle butt up out of the water to bask.  Iíll catch ya after dinner.


6:15 P.M.

 Ack!  There goes the water again, farther and farther away.  Plop!  Aww, back into my aquatic wonderland I go.  Oh boy, oh boy!!  Just look at this would ya!  There are rosy fish in my home!  Yeppers, something to chase and eat.  Life just got a little better.  Come here ya little flounder!  Whoops, there goes another one.  Maybe I can catch it.  Shucks, those little suckers sure are quick to turn.  Maybe Iíll have better luck with this one.  Smack!  My nose will be flat soon if I donít quit running into the see-thru hard thing in my aquatic wonderland.  It just seems to pop up out of nowhere.  I can see something thru it, but I can never get to it. 

 Quick!  Open mouth, chomp down hard!  Yes, I caught one!  Ha, take that slimy!  Yum, gotta love how it feels going down---all cool, smooth, and slimy.  Yum, yum!


8:00 P.M.

 About time to hit the driftwood and rocks and call it a night.  Itís been a fun day, swimming and sleeping in my aquatic wonderland, but now Iím all full from my turtle-healthy dinner.  Thank you for visiting me in my aquatic wonderland.  Come back anytime ya want.  Click!  Well, there goes the lights.  Ahh, snuggle down, tuck the turtleneck in, and close the eyes.

 Nighty night!